Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A new life begins!!


As it is my very 1st time writing, ~Of course writing witty, up to date, regular content each day is something that you’ll want to work on if you want to build a loyal readership - but here in my case, im no writer. Should be no harm... Hehehe... Was thinking of whether to create a blog for quite sumtime ever since my team captain cum godfather to the product growing inside me;[Hairul] recommend me to start one since i've plenty of time doing nothing at home... ok shoouu... Here it goes...

26th week of pregnancy~ i can't really believe the amazing facts that i'm actually grows a super tiny human inside me, brand new brain, eyes, heart, liver, leg bud, arm bud~ its a phenomenon especially when he starts to make slow movements, sharp punchs, and small rhythmic kicks, roll over or turn somersaults! Hehehe... Sorry, think im toooo carried away.... But u'll never can tell until u try it yourself... U'll be as jakun as me, i promise... Hehehe...

Thank you Allah for the delightful moments of being mommy to be...

Have a great week!


  1. InsyaALLAH hope everything will be fine... enjoy yr life being pregnant...:)

  2. Thanx kak mas.. kak mas dah ada brapa org anak dah?

  3. Anak baru nak masuk satu.. I baru kawin last year.. :)