Monday, June 1, 2009

Been a while...


Hahaha... was way from my blog quite sometimes after my 1st entry... Biasela.. takde idea la nak tulis ape... Im wondering how were bloggers out there have the guts and poured idea to write... Huh... How pethathic i am.. Hehehe...

28th weeks.

I becoming more aware of his movement patterns, can easily tell when he is sleeping or awake. Hehehe... In fact, it is not a bad idea to sleep or rest when he's resting. Sometimes i feels like a tightening of my abdomen from time to time. Am a bit worry at first but ibu said its normal especially when its become itchy. Fido find me having mood swings. Pity him... but then again, ibu kate, these are normal and will subside either late in my third trimester or shortly after the birth of our baby. My body is practicing for the real thing now... OMG... I can believe it!!! My next appiontment will be on June 9th, will continue to measure for fundal height and weight as my delivery date has always change from time to time.. Am not so sure why... The things that i concern the most is to test check diabetes, which occurs in some women during pregnancy. Hopefully am not one of 'em. Bye!!


  1. Hehe aku ada blog jugak :p


  2. shely! nadiah link shelly! eeee sukenye ngk peruttt! nak jugak pls :)

  3. Nak jgk cepat ar kawin!!! Hehehe... Hows ur engagement plan? On ke tak ni? tak sabar nak tgk fir n nadia naik pelamin..

  4. Shely, biasala.. mula2 mmg x tahu apa yg nak di taip utk entry.. Lama2 nnti, u pulak non-stop nak menaip... :)

  5. hahaha angage sorang2!! ;p
    take care shelly take care baby dlm perut and urself :)

  6. shelly, pasangla cd mengaji kt dlm keta..bagus utk baby dengar..especially time skrang ni.. carik yg ada surah al yusof..aurah al mariam..sgt2 la bagus utk baby.. ;)