Saturday, June 27, 2009

anxiousness : exitements

31 weeks
I'm panic! I first heard the words "transverse lie," which refers to the way my baby lies in my womb. It isn't the way he's supposed to be lying, either! But most said babies turn themselves before delivery. If he doesn't turn spontaneously, doctors may be able to turn him manually. I don't attempt to have a mak bidan to "turn" him, as I'm very afraid if this may lead to complications. C-section may be needed if my baby stubbornly refuses to move his head down... Really hoping for a vaginal delivery... Insyallah.. Huhuhuhu.... Bukan apa, takut nanti susah nak loose weight... Aaaaa!!!! Tanak fikir!!!
Last friday we've spend whole days up shopped around a little bit for our newborn. Yang penting2 je.. Diapers, toys and books (no... too early) Hahaha!, baby wipes, hoodie towels and washcloths, a bathtub, a first aid kit, blanket and few clothes. Hmmmm... Tiring but it was really fun though! Till then!


  1. wahhh..behsnyek dh beli baju baby...aku plak yg tak sabar ni...hehehehe

  2. Bykkan berdoa supaya semua brjalan lancar.. Simpan tenaga utk meneran nanti! :)

  3. shelly, lipa nk pesan, jgn beli baju baby byk2.. sbb nnti mesti ramai org akan bagi gift newly born baby wear.. & satu lagi baby cepat besar.. Trust me! :)