Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my dream Trench Coat

Its just an alternative to the very low temperature in Playout area at Cyberjaya Broadcast Centre, sambil2 tu nak poyo2 jgk melaram... Hihihi... Yelah, x berpeluang keje kat negara sejuk... My very old lousy green jacket alrealy teared here and there. Its been 4 years... Hehehe...
I who were under no obligation to own them. But mind you, the temperature is low, i mean really low...

As me and hubby were out at Jaya Jusco yesterday, we passed by “The travel shop” and I accidently fell for this black trench coat.. But its cost RM489… It’s a NO NO for Fido … Huhuhuhu…. It was a four-buttoned, single-breasted belted and with two option ~beige and black fabric. It's cute! Popular example of character wearing trench coats is Hellboy whos often seen in his dirty, tattered brown trench coat, with the right sleeved rolled up past his Right Hand Of Doom. Cewah... Konon2 nak jadi trademark jgk ar... hehehe... Kat ofis je boleh la pakai.. Nak keluar pakai trench coat... Banjir ar ketiak... Hihihi!!!

Anyhow! I'll have it by end of June!!! Nak jgk!!!! Till then.

Have a nice week!

These are double-breasted that i like the most. Mahal gile!! Mimpi je la ni...


  1. Im sure travelshop having sales now... u should wear thicker coat now and pls change ur green jacket... dah lusuh sangat!!!

  2. ahah! found your blog finally. welcome to the world of bloggers hehe

  3. hah...shelly ade blog..meh kite follow blog dia...