Saturday, June 20, 2009

12 more weeks to go...

29 weeks
Congratulations! I am entering my third and final trimester! My baby is sitting at my nerve on my right side but I've tried laying on my left side for a bit. Hoping that might encourage the baby to shift position and give me some relief. And it's worked. Maybe you can try this if you experience the same. I've gain quite amount of weight now. Don't ask! Hihihihi!!! Baby fat, takpe... I have a hard time eating. I found that I'm not only have less room in my stomach, but when I did eat I felt uncomfortable for several hours. Sometimes i've experinced heartburn and shortness of breath. Memang macam ni kot... Nevertheless, i need to be sure i eat enough to support my growing baby. Fido always remind me to keep drinking plenty of water especially during this trimester. Think i need to take some time during to pamper myself if i can. Rase macam nak pegi spa. Hehehe... So i knew if nothing else i'll would look good during delivery! Heh!!
Below are the pix of Fido cook-for-wifey day... Muah muah! Allebiu!